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Don't Get Caught by Cheap App Builders

Sachin Dev Duggal    Dec 15, 2017 4:36:52 PM    Add comment

App generators or app builders have had their days numbered for many days. By in large they produce poorly designed applications that small businesses just about manage to use. This comes to an end in January, as Apple today announced the end of life for any business that published Applications using template or app building services. Whether this extends to low-code system or not, no one yet knows, but if Apple is targeting general quality of apps then it’s probably worth looking into alternatives.

The silver lining is that small businesses around the world have really embraced technology as a core part of creating value to their customers. The value of joining the (digital) economy for a small business is being recognized as having immeasurable impact; from expanding their reach to launching new products.

There are about 100m+1 new small businesses (according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) and another 37m1 who are going through some innovation transformation exercise. It’s clear that most of these companies will need technology to stay relevant in an economy that is now by default digital.

With almost $4 trillion of potential new spend every year; we’re here to clear the myth about building custom apps and give you some insight into what we are doing at Engineer.ai with our Builder Product (recently launched, three years in Private Beta) so that you never get caught out again.

Building a custom app doesn’t have to cost you the moon.

Many small businesses (a meaningful chunk of the 140m who want and or need to build technology every year) have opted to stay away from building truly custom applications because inherently they are much more costly than a template generator. In 2016, the average cost of an App was $250k + the cost of operations.

Our Builder platform is bringing app building down to as little as $13k whilst still delivering a totally custom experience.

How are we doing this? Our human-assisted artificial intelligence uses an assembly line to connect the “building blocks” with distributed human teams that make your app unique to you. We’re essentially “manufacturing” software at a massive saving (⅓ of the price) and at minimum 2x the speed.

Unlike other app builders and low code providers; our model achieves price efficiency (ie., you get it a lot cheaper). We only charge you for what’s unique to your application by leveraging our AI and compliment it with top developer and designer talent we from surplus capacity of other dev shops at a massive discount. For example, if you use Facebook login (like thousands of other apps), why should you have to pay to have it redeveloped again? Our AI automates this, freeing up time for our human teams to customize what is unique to your product.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Articulate your idea the way you see it; not the way a DevShop wants it.

Many small businesses (like one of our customers who runs a ski school) want to build an app or digital extension to their business but don’t know how, it goes beyond just cost. Small businesses don’t know where to start. Building an app (up until now) has required some level of tech knowledge in order to articulate desired project features and functionalities. Stranded without a tech team, small businesses have been forced to rely on template generation services with support from the poor IT guy who’s also managing the printer and the broadband.

builder platform

Our customers want the tools to envision and create their app without having to become or hire engineers (or leveraging that poor overworked IT manager). Creating your app should be as easy as choosing your Cable TV Options.

With our human-assisted AI, everyone can price, spec and build tech projects, no tech knowledge necessary. Our Builder platform starts in the browser; you pick what your app is going to be like from a selection of hundreds of well known apps and then you pick and choose the features you’d like from a “Chinese Menu” system. Price is quoted in the browser and it’s guaranteed (the secret here is if we do it faster then you save money but at no point will your cost ever be higher).

It’s never been a better time to build something special for your business.

We know that many small businesses are likely to get impacted by Apple’s news and so we are making it easy and affordable (split into weekly payments till the App is built) for anyone who had a templated App that's likely to be taken off the App Store.

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